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Saturday May 9th 2009

10:00AM to 4:00PM

Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel

135-20 39th Avenue Flushing,

New York 11354 USA



Special Thanks:

Sam Chang Yi-Chuan, Chang (D.D.S.) 
Kapil Chen William Cheng
Victor Chiang

Linda Chu

Wei-Zu Fan

Sha-Guan Hsu

Jen Lee Sooil Lee
Karen Li Joanna Liu (BOE)
William Liu Angela Ni

  Grace Park

Chi Pu Peng

Pao Sanderson  Dr. Shiang 
Yun-Zo Tong Catherine Tsai
Daphne Shih Dr. Grace L. Shu

Jason C. Shu

Ed Staniszewski

Ling Sun  
Charles Wang James Wang

Oa Wang

Sophrine Wang
Stephan Wu  

William Xin

Christina Yang

Scott Zhu  Wendy Zhu





To honor elder people as we do to our own aged parents;

To care for other's young as one's own children.


We wish you all the success in the coming years!


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