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Asia Business Center Inc.

Flushing office:
73-17 182nd Street,
Fresh Meadows, NY 11366  USA
P.O. Box 528031,
Flushing, NY 11352 USA
Email: abc@asiabcinc.com
Website: www.asiabcinc.com
Mark Wang
Tel: 917-662-4099
Email: mark@asiabcinc.com
Management Director
Cynthia Chou
Tel: 917-833-0693
Email: echinaeusa@gmail.com
IT and Energy Manager
Harry Jeng
Tel: 917-685-0788
Email: echinaeusa@gmail.com
Long Island office
Board of Education chairman
Vivian Wu
Tel: 516-717-8860
Email: vivianwu007@hotamil.com
White Plains office
Housing Manager
Alice Buck
Tel: 914-484-2764
Email: apbuck@hotmail.com
Shenzhen office
Products Sourcing Manager
Scott Zhu
Tel: 86-13714329767
Email: scottchuabc@gmail.com

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