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Golden Age Expo

Saturday May 9th 2009

10:00AM to 4:00PM

Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel

135-20 39th Avenue Flushing,

New York 11354 USA


Golden Age Expo


This is an event of festival celebration, co-sponsored by the various community leaders of overseas Asian ethnic groups and service personnel of cultural, art and commercial group, dedicated to seniors living in Great New York area. There is over 100 senior centers from Queens and Brooklyn and an estimated of 1000 visitors from various ethnic backgrounds. American Mainstream Politicians and experts of public medical health system are invited to explore issues on Life & Health Project.


So far the participating friends and exhibitors expect to join the Golden Age Expo include friends and seniors from overseas senior organizations and services with ethnic background from Korea, India, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Japan, Spain, Africa, Russia , Ireland, France, Britain and others.

Golden Age Expo is to be made possible with the conjoint efforts from friends and volunteers in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut tri-state area. They are the members of New York New Jersey area day cares and senior centers,


The cultural entertainment program is going to be provided by:


St. Michael’s Cathedral Chorus,  FGBMFI,  Buddha’s Light International Association, Hong-Shen Lion Dance Team,  Spanish Domingo Orchestra,  Hua-Ying Chorus,  Korean Yin-Hou Church,  Tai-Kuan-Do ,  India Dance Classroom,  Indonesian Traditional Dance Performance Group,  Dharma Drum Mountain,  Mercy Temple,  USADSA (United State Asian Dance Sports Association), Cool Mothers Performance group, Aires Del Folklore...So far as we know.


Expo Service is provided by: 


Benefits Application for Senior,  Application for Home Care,  Senior Center membership,  Application for Medical supplies,  Medical & Healthcare Program,  Blood sugar Test,  Hepatitis B Virus Blood Test,  Smoking cessation program,  Nicotine Replacement Therapy,  Free Nicotine patch,  Free Nicotine gum,  Electronic Medical Record,

Other Services include:

Telephone/Electrical Bill Welfare Consultation,  Tax & Accounting service, inheritance Planning,  Application for Senior Apartment,  Injury Compensations,  Feng-Shui Consultation,  Display for Senior Overseas Travel Packages,  Tourism for the senior,  Books-Audio-Video Supply,  the senior Entrepreneurs,  Real Estate Investment,  Electronic Commerce,  Memoirs, Movies of Personal Recollections,  Naturalization,  Voting right,  Historical Development of New York Ethnic Minorities groups.


This is the First Expo for Senior citizens with Products & Services for senior needs in Great New York Region, and also the first Festival for Senior. Asia Business Center welcomes opinions and suggestions from friends and relevant regional activities regarding senior services to make this event a complete success. We acknowledge all efforts and assistance from friends of related fields.  

For exhibitor application or enquiries in commercial advertisement and publications, please contact Asia Business Center as the organizer of this event.  Exhibitors intend to participate Golden Age Expo, Commercial Sponsors for Cultural Entertainment Performance, and sponsors for prizes, medals, complimentary gifts, please get in touch with Asia Business Center no later than April 29, 2009, which is 10 days prior to the event date, in order to facility us to make arrangement and coordinate existing itineraries for activities, workshops and entertainment.  Thank you for your cooperation.


“To honor elder people as we do to our own aged parents;

To care for other's young as one's own children.”


We wish you all the success in the coming years!


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