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Multi-Culture Festival 

Event Manager: Lin Hsing 1-347-885-5869

12:00PM to 2:00PM 


Doug Lee  Emily Miller  Karen Lee  Lily Jen  Tai Wang  Terry Ho       



 888 Boy Scouts :

 Director : Evergreen Chou


  Aires Del Folklore (Chivas Bar) :

  Director :  Elivs Marrugo

Spanish music and folk dance

  Austin Street Senior Center  :

  Dance Director :  

Chi-Pao fashion show
Xingjian Folk Dance (Muslim)

 Cool Mothers Dancing Group :

 Dance Director : Barbara

The fire in the winter (Contemporary Dances)

 Chinese Musical Arts (Haiyun Chorus) :

 Chorus Conductor : Wen-Kuang Wang   Pianist : Dihua Lin


 Piano Performance by teenage


 Kuei Yuan Hsiao:

 Taiwanese Hakka Association in Great New York

 Hakka Mountain Folk Song

 Linda Chu and her friends:

 The first position in Senior Kala-OK contest (Jewish Senior Center)

 Russian Folk Song

 Jessica Zhan:

  10years old girl (Bilingual teacher)   

 The wish to Mother (Poem)

Mother, the best person in the world

 Lioe  :

  Indonesian Folk Dance


 Queens College Sikh Club :

 Dance Director :  

 Bhangra (India Folk Dance)

Sikhism Prayer Poem

 Song Yi (Actress) :

 Kung-Fu Actress in Couching Tiger and Hidden Dragon

Kung Fu and Sward Dance

 Taiwanese Association Senior Center Dancing group and Mark :

 Dance Director : Stella Shieh

 Vocal : Mark Wang (The Bass of )

 Taiwan Folklore Dance

 Temple of Mercy :

 Director : Jen-Ping Taoism master

Taoism Exorcise Dance

 The Children of Dragon Performance Team :

 Director : Tai Wang

 Dance Director : Stella Shieh

Umbrellas of Spring (Folk Dance)

The Globe Singer


The Sunset Song

Love in the Wind and Joy in the water

Island Of Capri

  Tony Cui :

  Director of TV show in Yen-Pieng City

Korean Folk Song and Music

  Vincent Zhou (Accordion player) :

  Tenor of St. Michael's Church Choir (Bilingual teacher)   

 The Night at Suburban of Moscow (Accordion)

  Wendy Zhu (Singer) :

  Specialist in Hospitability (PR department of Sheraton Hotel)

Hot Lady

To honor elder people as we do to our own aged parents;

To care for other's young as one's own children.


We wish you all the success in the coming years!


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