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Mother of Year 2009

"We won't have what we have now without our parents"

                  We are so proudly to salute the mothers who contribute herself to her family and to the community. They are the model of the present society need. We would like to disseminate their story to all friends.

Baljit Bains

Baljit Bains is a social worker for the Department of Homeless Services. She’s a working mother of four beautiful daughters, devoting her life to raise them with proper cultural values. She teaches them kindness, discipline as well as strong character. Even though she was born and raised in India, her Children were all born Americans. Ms. Bains makes sure that her daughters get the best of both cultures. While in India girls are often looked down upon and victimized, Mrs. Bains being a Sikh believes that her daughters are just as good as boys and never lets anyone get away with telling her otherwise. It is not easy to work and handle four kids but she always manages to do it all with confidence and love.

Qin Sun Stubis


Qin Sun Stubis has a bachelor's degree in English Literature and Master's in Communications. She writes a column "Reflections From The East" on The Santa Monica Star, promoting intercultural understandings. But the most important career she pursues in her life is motherhood. She enjoys spending full time at home with her two children, Keaton and Halley, and cooking international foods. Currently, she is completing a manuscript recounting two families' emotional life journeys from "Riches-to-Rags" for over half a century.

Vivian Wu


Mrs. Vivian Wu is the chairwoman for the ABC Board of Education and also a devoted mother of four boys. She always makes sure that her children have everything they need. Mrs. Wu goes to great lengths to make sure that her sons excel in everything they do; she nurtures them with love and tender care. In spite of her busy family life, Mrs. Wu finds time to teach Chinese at Chinese Center and her church, volunteer at the LIJ Round McDold House and work a full time job at a public School. Her passion is for children. She never lets stress wear her down and is a wonderful role model for all.


Mrs. Lioe is the ultimate example of a devoting mother. Her daughter was born with a severe eczema and was allergic to over twenty kinds of food. After five and half years of sleepless nights, tendering loving and care, she helped her daughter Jessica to break free from eczema so she can now live a normal life. In spite of her busy life, Mrs. Lioe is active at her church, volunteers at her daughter’s regular and Chinese school. To ensure her quality time with her daughter during the day, she works late hours three nights a week to help her husband to make a living. She always tries her best to be there when Jessica needs her. She believes in working hard toward her goals and never gives up on anything. She is a woman of tenacity and ambition.

Xia-Jun Xu

  Xia Jun was born in Shanghai in 1939 with three sons. She is a woman defined by every strong traditional values including, but not limited to, being nice to and supporting her husband , and ensuring the highest standards of education for her children. She resided in Shanghai for two consecutive years, raising her family based on the traditional "Five Basic Rules" many of the same kind believe in. 1. To be enthusiastic about public welfare. 2. Dedicated and committed to work ethics. 3. Respecting elders and showing love for the young. 4. good prenatal and postnatal care for children. 5. Be protective and conscious about your environment. After immigrating to the Unites States for a decade, her eldest son and daughter-in-law are both extremely successful. Xia Jun is always ready to help others and form new networks of lasting friendship to build her social relationships. She actively participates in community events. voluntary services, and takes the initiative to serve as a volunteer in "The Senior Center". She has been cited in numerous Chinese newspaper articles and has made appearances in certificates from the city councilman C.Y. Liu and congressman Alan Kao.


Shaolen Cheng


It is my wholehearted passion to say thank you to my mom at Mother’s Day.  Actually I feel so every day.  Mom was both a dedicated school teacher with honor and very loving mother.  No matter how busy she was with her work, she made sure her four children were well taken care. 

        When I was a 7th grader in Taiwan, we lived at up a hill.  One late night, I got very serious Acute Gastroenteritis, had a very high fever and lost strength.  Not being able to get a taxi, Mom put me up on her back, and carried me to the doctor on foot.  She is the Mom who always goes an extra mile for her children.  In the past 10 years, although Mon is retired and getting old, she has been working as volunteer serving the community.  I wish her happy and healthy.

Jenny Mao

I met Jenny almost 2 years ago, at that time, she just move down from Canada, she and her husband, Jefferson, both came from Taiwan.  Daniel is an Autistic child; I know other parents who have Autistic children and lots of them turned their back to their own children, but Jenny did not do so.  She decides to full fill her motherhood duties......... she loves Daniel as he is a normal boy;

she cares Daniel, she send him to learn sport, art, music, dance and Chinese as other boys will do; she teaches him how to take care and present himself as a normal boy...... she reads articles regarding Autistic, she is growing with Daniel, she treats him same as Michael (2nd son); and she did not forget about Michael, it is a full time job taking Daniel and she is making sure Michael has not been left out...... Michael is a great young man, he is on top for Academic, Music and Sport, and he took SATII - Chinese, full sore!!!
Jenny did not give up Daniel; the most important point......... she is doing her job, as a mother, as childcare giver, she is an ogle not a duckling; she does not walk away from problems; she faces them and finds a solution.... Jenny plays her roll on her "Life Stage" in a perfection way, because she has forgotten about herself, she is not self centered!  
I wishing her being the mother of the year can send a message to all mothers.... "To care, To love, Don't give up, Don't walk away and STOP being self centered" from your children and family.


“To honor elder people as we do to our own aged parents;

To care for other's young as one's own children.”


We wish you all the success in the coming years!


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