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Golden Age information and counseling service 

Event Manager: Emily Miller 1-212 724-6616

10:00AM to 4:00PM 

 The Service we provide:

Asia Business Center :

      Telephone and Electrical Bill Welfare Consultation, Application for   

       Senior Apartment 


Temple University Center of Asian Health :

       Blood sugar Test and Hepatitis B Virus Blood Test


Lincoln Medical And Mental Health Center :

       Blood sugar Test and Medicare counseling


Elmhurst Hospital  :

             Smoking cessation program, Nicotine Replacement Therapy, Free 

        Nicotine patch, Free Nicotine gum


Professional screening solution :

        Electronic Medical Record set-up and Management


Promedex (Procare Medical Supplies) :

         Application for Medical supplies


Tai & Sobiloff Attorneys at Law :

         Injury Compensations Consultation


West Rock Advisor VP Investments (Rudy Luo):

          Asian Emerging Growth Market Strategy


Morgan Stanley (Catherine He):

          Wealth Protection advisory, Trust and Estate Planning

Totalife Sundear Skincare:

         Skin type Test and Skin care Consultation


Master Chang :

          Feng-Shui Consultation and fortune telling book distributing


Mohonk Mountain House :

                 Short term travel planning


Other Services include:

         Benefits Application for Senior            

         Application for Home Care

         Senior Center membership               

         Medical & Healthcare Program

         Tax & Accounting service               

         Inheritance Planning

         Display for Senior Overseas Travel Packages

         Tourism for the senior                   

         The senior Entrepreneurs

         Real Estate Investment     

         Electronic Commerce

         Cable TV consultation and installation

         Memoirs and Movies of Personal Recollections

         Naturalization and Voting right 

         Books-Audio-Video Supply

         Historical Development of New York Ethnic Minorities groups


To honor elder people as we do to our own aged parents;

To care for other's young as one's own children.


We wish you all the success in the coming years!


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